Spring 2019 - GEOL 286 “Introduction to Minerals and Rocks”

Lectures - MWF at 8.30 - 9.20 am in Brooks Hall 125

Labs - Wednesday afternoons in Brooks Hall 305 (there are 2 lab sections - make sure you know which one you are enrolled in):

  • 2.30 - 4.20 pm,

  • 4.30 - 6.20 pm.

Schedule - click here (will open / download a PDF file). The schedule is approximate and is likely to change.

Syllabus - click here (will open / download a PDF file).

Textbook - “Earth Materials” (2nd edition) by Klein & Philpotts - required purchase or loan (ebook is sufficient)

Office Hours - Mondays at 10.00 to 12.30 pm in Brooks Hall G33 or by appointment (email graham.andrews@mail.wvu.edu)

TA - Ms. Shelby Isom

Mid-term exam - Friday 2/22

Final exam - Tuesday 4/30, 5-7pm

Grading -

  • Grade brackets

    • 90%+ = A,

    • 80 - 89% = B,

    • 70 - 79% = C,

    • 60 - 69% = D,

    • <60% = F.

  • How are grades calculated?

    • Labs = 48% (16 labs * 3% each = 48%) — some labs are more difficult or more work than others,

    • Exams and Quizzes = 47%:

      • Entry Test (online) = 1%

      • Final exam (100 minutes) = 15%,

      • Midterm exam (45 minutes) = 10%,

      • 1st take-home exam = 8%,

      • 2nd take-home exam = 8%,

      • Homework quizzes = 5% (8 quizzes * 0.625% each = 5%),

    • Attendance = 4% (40 lectures * 0.1% each = 4%) — students may miss 1 of the 41 lectures without penalty,

    • Geology Program Assessment Test = 1% for completing the test (test is not graded).

  • Take-Home Exams are to be submitted to Turn-It-In through eCampus. Answers should be uploaded as WORD or ADOBE PDF files, directly to eCampus in the appropriate “Take Home Exam” folder. If you are worried about the upload not working, EMAIL me the WORD or PDF attachment as well.

  • Grades will be posted regularly on eCampus.

Attendance Policy -

  • Students are expected to attend ALL lectures. Students may miss 1 lecture without penalty.

  • Students are required to attend ALL labs.

  • Students are required to complete ALL quizzes and exams (take-home and in-person).

  • The fieldtrip is required. Date to be confirmed.

Deadlines, Make-up / Late Work Policies -

  • Missed in-person exams will be allowed one make-up opportunity at a time of my choosing.

  • Take-home exams and quizzes are open for 24 hours starting at midnight on Friday morning to midnight on Saturday morning. Missed take-home exams and quizzes can be made-up for half credit (actual score divided by 2) in the following 24 hours (i.e. midnight Saturday to midnight Sunday). After that, quizzes can be taken for practice and zero points, and take-home exams are closed completely.

  • Missed labs cannot be made-up.

  • Labs will be collected together in a 3-ring binder. Labs build upon one another, so keep them organized.

  • Labs are due on Fridays at 12 pm (noon). Late labs (including pre-lab and post-lab assignments) will be due by 12 pm on the following Monday for half credit. Labs turned-in after that will be graded, corrected, and returned but will receive a score of zero.

  • The TA and I will attempt to make reasonable accommodations for illness, University-sanctioned events, etc.

Academic Misconduct, Plagiarism & Cheating Policies -

  • Plagiarism IS cheating. Plagiarism is intellectual theft. Cite the source of ALL information, ideas, etc., that you did not discover or think of, yourself. This includes websites, the textbook, my lecture notes, etc. Deliberate plagiarism, for example, copy and pasting from a website, will be treated as deliberate cheating (see below). Accidental plagiarism, for example forgetting to list a source, will be treated more leniently but will loose points.

  • Cheating will not be tolerated. Students accused of cheating ANY exercise will be reported in the WVU Academic Dishonesty System AND have the following penalties enforced:

    • Cheat in an exam (in-person or take-home) = “F” grade in the entire class,

    • Cheat in a lab or quiz = zero on the assignment AND -5% penalty to the final grade,

    • Repeated cheating (i.e. a second or more case) = “UF” in the entire class (“unforgivable fail” - you cannot retake the class at WVU; in effect you are ejected from the BS Geology major),

    • Egregious cheating (e.g., stealing answer keys, posting answer keys online, stealing other students’ work) = “UF” grade in the class.

  • ALL lecture notes, lab exercises, and exam and quiz materials, including answer keys, are the property of Dr. Andrews and WVU. You have no right or authorization to share these with other people at WVU or elsewhere. This includes posting materials online. Any student caught sharing or posting class materials will be reported for Academic Dishonesty AND receive a “UF” grade.